Hello.  I’m Don Shrack. Producer, of New Age Girls.

Here is why you should watch the show!*

New Age Girls is a reality T.V. series that is brought to you on the internet.  It’s what we here in the biz call an interactive trans-media experience.  What is tans-media you may ask? Only your participation will answer that question.  This is more then just a T.V. show that is only on the internet.  This was a show created for you, handcrafted, like a fine Chianti.   Now, I’ve been in show biz a long time.  And I can tall you, I know what’s new for you, and your computer screens.

So this is what you must do next:

That’s it!  I’ll take care of the rest.

New Age Girls will only contain the finest entertainment, to bring you a new view of what’s current in today’s world.  You can trust me.  I know  what good for you and your computer.  I’m Don Shrack.

-Don Shrack, Hollywood, CA

*For those who do not like to read, I have prepared a special audio message just for you.

Click here!

Ready to watch?

Still not convinced?

Then meet the stars!

Meet The Girls

New Age Glossary

The Soundtrack!

Enjoy The Mystic Wisdom of Tom Shakti!

iBent my iPhone

YES! I trust Don Shrack!

Hello! Don Shrack again. Am I right? Or am I right!

Is that not some of the finest quality entertainment you have experienced at least today?

By now, you can see that this is no amateur production. I can assure you we will not disappoint you.  All you have to do again is:

That’s it!  I’ll take care of the rest. Just watch the show!

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